Albert Estiarte recommends...

Albert Estiarte i Duocastella, Deputy Director of the Values-Based Leadership University Chair, recommends the book: 

It is the autobiography of Manel Estiarte where he reflects on leadership. In his own words, “The leader is someone who, by nature, is positive for the team, not someone who has learned their role and executes it from memory.” He also narrates the process that led him to assume this role, a process that was gradual and culminated in a change of attitude from selfishness, wanting to be the best, to altruism towards the team. For him, one can be a good player, but excellence is only achieved through generosity. 

 Manel Estiarte was fortunate to be part of a perfect team, not because they never lost, but because when they did lose, it was, according to his words, “because we had forced the opponents to be better than us, because we always played very well.” “We were not perfect because we won everything, but because of our attitude.” 

Albert Estiarte i Duocastella, Deputy director of the Values-Based Leaderhip University Chair

ESTIARTE, Manel: Todos mis hermanos
ISBN 10: 8496981371 / ISBN 13: 9788496981379